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navitend offers unlimited help desk and technical support for a flat monthly fee. We do not require long-term contracts -- we earn your business every day of every month.

Help Desk

Problem resolution via remote access and on-site visits

Support for Desktops, Servers, Networks, Printers, and Mobile Devices

Application & Email Support

You will speak with one of our full-time employees - we do not outsource or sub-contract our help desk.

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24x7 Remote Network Monitoring

Operating System and Third Party Software Vendor patch and update management

Managed Anti-Virus Solution with automated anti-virus definition updates and monitoring

Regularly scheduled Anti-Spyware Scans

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Security Management

navitend clients have a secure firewall installed to reduce the common threats to your network and to allow us to keep your Internet connection fast and reliable.

Our DNS Security feature blocks programs and users from downloading files from known bad sites on the Internet. This keeps most threats out of your network. If a threat happens to get in through an email attachment or thumb-drive, our DNS Security blocks the malware from communicating with other sites such as the dreaded "crypto locker" ransomware.

navitend also manages your email and spam filters to reduce the threats entering your network via your inbox.

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Backup Management

navitend will evaluate your business model, your current data footprint and data growth expectation to help you choose which type of back-up solution is right for your business. We offer two types of backup solutions that meet the needs of most clients.

Cloud Backups - Offsite  

Cloud storage is provided entirely offsite and is ideal if you simply want to back up your files. Getting started with Cloud Backup is quick, easy and affordable.  You pay for the amount of data you are storing and the more you store, the lower your rate.

Disaster Recovery Backups - Onsite + Offsite 

Disaster Recovery Backups are more comprehensive, creating a mirror image of your server on an onsite backup appliance. The backup appliance “takes a picture” of your computers throughout the day, complete with all settings and configurations. This approach ensures you can quickly restore your data to new equipment if a server or other device fails. Not only will you have this local backup, but your data is also sent to a secure offsite location—giving you a backup of your backup! 

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Account Management

Scheduled phone calls with our Service Manager to review service priorities.

Periodic on-site visits by one of our technicians to get an up close look at your equipment and interact with your users.

All clients may access their service history and place new service requests via our easy to use online portal.

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Our Work

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  • "navitend has been a great IT partner for our company.  Their helpdesk response time is the best I have experienced in my 30 year career.  navitend has helped me to have great IT services without the need to have a full time, in house, technician at significant savings to our company."

    Bob Bradley, President, Bradley Graphics
  • "Thanks so much!  You are a class act!  
    You and your team have really done an excellent job on this!"

    Steve Van Ooteghem, The C12 Group in Houston, Texas
  • "Our company is more efficient and has grown as a result of navitend’s work. navitend helped us get to the next level."

    Greg Niccolai / Madison Insurance
  • "Thanks so much again for taking care of everything in such an expedient manner. It's a pleasure to work with navitend and its staff as always!"

    Lawrence Wolfin / Textol Systems, Inc.
  • “Navitend’s expertise helped our firm over the past year to effectively elevate our I.T. game, powering our website into a highly interactive tool. Well done to Frank and his team!”  

    Chuck Steege, CFP®, CEP, President, SFG Wealth Planning Services, Inc.
  • "I look forward to working with you again in the future. Once again, thanks to your organization for your prompt response."

    Luke Wolters / Luke Wolters Tax Consultants
  • Having had IT support in the past that left a lot to be desired, working with Navitend is a refreshing change! They are always responsive, knowledgeable, and courteous no matter whether the problem is huge or even user error. I am so grateful my organization changed to navitend!!

    United Way
  • Do you need IT help? Are you tired of being frustrated by technology issues? Would you like to go to work everyday and know that all those headaches are being taken care of? Then look no further, navitend is your answer.

    Kathy Molyneaux - Friends Life Care Partners
  • I highly recommend navitend for their professionalism, integrity, down-to-earth advice and thoughtful recommendations. Every solution that they offer is unique and the most appropriate to their customers' needs.

    Paula Muller
  • "I am writing this to tell you how pleased the Township of Andover is with the services provided by navitend. It has been a wonderful working relationship, I am so impressed and they come with my most highest recommendation."

    Jayme Alfano / Andover Township
  • "We've dedicated our lives to growing our retail and ecommerce business and it's a relief to have found a company like navitend who treats our business likes it's their own. navitend's personal approach to project management and problem solving are top-notch."

    Stamatis, Co-owner Twisted Lily, Fragrance Boutique and Apothecary
  • I am truly impressed by the focus the team places on the requests from our company. They listen, and no matter who I get on the phone, I get the answer that I am looking for. I can tell that they keep excellent notes, and it is because of this level of detail that engineers/technical support staff are always up to date on knowledge of our systems. They are patient, professional, and incredibly nice as individuals. They have provided assistance even on days when they were out of the office. With every request, they have made sure that they review the details with us to ensure that the information/questions were captured accurately. Truly an excellent team!!

    Josefina and Christian Abboud
  • It works!!  You rock!!!!!!!!!!

    Robert Vogel, C12 Group San Antonio
  • "You guys are OUTSTANDING! Thanks for all you’ve done to make this transition seamless."

    John Bryant, CEO, Christ's Home
  • "I appreciate that they didn’t just build the application. They made it better by bringing ideas to the table that not only made for a better user experience, but also kept the development costs down."

    Andy Lynch / North Star Marketing