Flight Plan



navitend provides all of our Managed Services contract clients with a service we refer to as FlightPlan.

Just as a pilot does not casually sit behind the controls to fly a plane across the country without a plan, neither should any organization operate without a plan for the future with respect to the technology services and processes which empower them.

Gone are the days of thinking of Information Technology as simply the "computer system". Successful organizations which enjoy Robust Good Health employ People, Processes and Technology to the benefit of the organization and those it serves. This includes hardware, software, services, security, training and more.

navitend's FlightPlan is a comprehensive planning process which guides actions in the near, mid and long term. 

As a navitend MSP client, here is what you can expect.

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager. This experienced team member is your primary point of contact for any issue outside of a day to day request for support or service.

Your Account Manager will coordinate up to four FlightPlan cycles per year with your team.

Each cycle is typically two meetings.

The first meeting is a presentation of information comparing your current network with industry best practices. Your Account Manager will also review your overall account status, noting any trends we are observing in the day to day care of your staff and network. During the meeting you can anticipate reviewing upcoming opportunities on the horizon in your business. The better visibility navitend has to your business growth, the better equipped we are to provide guidance.

Another activity during a FlightPlan session is some education with respecct to new technologies and opportunities to improve aspects of your users' experience, your service, your equipment, etc.

One of our mantras is "No Surprises". Our objective is to collaboratively identity upcoming investments so you can prepare and budget for them, understanding exactly what you are investing in, what the benefits you can expect and why. 

Based on the outcome of the first FlightPlan session, your Account Manager will summarize the session and follow up with navitend's Service Manager to make any recommended and agreed-upon adjustments. A second FlightPlan meeting consists of reviewing plans for subsequent steps, as necessary. The last step in a FlightPlan is to establish a time-frame for the next FlightPlan session.

Cyber Security Services



Successful information security management requires a broad mix of technology, strategy, processes and people. navitend’s security services, including security compliance and audits, are aligned with your business objectives to ensure operational success.


Let us help you ensure your security compliance, including HIPAA Audits, network monitoring & remediation, and user-training that protects your company from potential security issues.

navitend Managed Services Clients enjoy a best-in-class, defense-in-depth approach to Cyber Security including but not limited to:

Comprehensive Security Risk Assessment, including HIPAA requirements for Covered Entities and Business Associates

End User Security Training

End Point Security with Sophos, integrated with Active and Dynamic Network devices from Sophos

Mobile Device Management with Microsoft InTune and Sophos

DNS Filtering and Managed Content Filtering with Cisco Umbrella

Backup and Disaster Recovery with Datto

Guest Wireless (WiFi) Network Management/p>

Password Management

Secure Remote Work with VPN Technology

Advanced Firewall Technology

Multi-factor Authentication

Endpoint Encryption

Data Loss Prevention Software and training

Ransomware Prevention Software and training

Phone Systems



Let navitend's expert phone system consulting guide you to your next phone system.

Our phone system setup is tailored to your needs and goals.

Want Direct Inbound Dialing? No problem.

Want calls to go to your cell phone seamlessly? No problem.

Want call integration with your software applications? No problem.

Want to receive your voice mails as an email attachment? No problem.

Phone system consulting with navitend means you get the phone system with all of the bells and whistles you need at an affordable price. From call center features to iPhone and laptop integration, navitend will deliver the phone system that sets your business up for communication success.

IT Projects



When it comes to IT implementation, we're ready to help you determine your IT needs, plan your next project, procure needed equipment, and guide you through successful implementation. Once the project is complete and you're up and running, our ongoing IT Helpdesk support will help you make the most of your new capabilities.

Better IT planning means better business. Let us help you with the IT implementation, increasing efficiency and allowing you to focus on what you do best. Whatever the nature of your next IT project, let us help you successfully plan your IT solutions.


View our portfolio to see a the successful IT planning projects we have completed for organizations like yours.

IT Helpdesk



With fully-managed IT Helpdesk support, your IT challenges become our problem, freeing you up to focus on what's really important, running a successful business. Our team of committed problem solvers resolves IT issues fast, with minimal impact to your operation.

navitend offers problem solving via remote access and on-site visits including supports for desktops, servers, networks, printers, and mobile devices. Our 24/7 IT Helpdesk services are never outsourced and are offered at an affordable fixed monthly fee.

Call today for your help desk needs.

Information Technology Consulting



navitend provides strategy-focused IT Consulting services navigating our clients through both obstacles and opportunities. Our IT Consulting services help our clients enter new markets or expand into new facilities and service offerings.

We use this approach to deliver our core services including:

Managed Service Plans — making sure you get the service you need, when you need it.

Architecting and deploying a phone system that fits your organization.

Email migrations and SharePoint solutions.

Custom mobile and web software design and integration.


We start with a detailed project plan and leverage our experience to map out what resources will be required, determine project timing, and estimate your investment in time and money. Our IT Consulting approach ensures your team stays on-task and on-budget.

Managed Services for Business



Advanced Security is Standard Issue

We are a security-focused MSP, going on the offensive to protect your users, your data, your computers, and ultimately, your business.

Responsive by Design

navitend tracks, manages and measures each service encounter to ensure your issues are addressed in a timely and responsible manner. Our friendly and personable helpdesk team provides a live-answer experience to keep your business moving forward.

Advanced tools

navitend has a dedicated automation specialist (aka #toolmaster) focused on keeping your computers up to date with all of the services you need to protect your network. Our service works 24/7 keeping a close eye on your network, automatically protecting against threats and alerting our trained professional, US based team of any concerns.

Experienced Consulting

Excellent IT help goes beyond removing viruses. Our experienced Consultants and Account Managers assist you in making wise IT investments.

Delivery Manager

navitend's Delivery Manager schedules and oversees every project ranging from a laptop setup to advanced network upgrades and VOIP system installations. navitend excels in the execution of projects.

Work From Home

navitend's IT for Remote Professional Organizations provides top-shelf IT support for your distributed staff. Our friendly, knowledegable, US based and English speaking help desk team provides advanced security, collaboration & voice services plus laptop inventory management with included setup and configuration to your remote team, making IT a breeze.

Disaster Recovery Backups - Onsite + Offsite

Protecting your organization's data is paramount and we are passionate about protecting your data. Whether your data is in your office or in the Cloud, we have you covered.

Cloud Computing



Regardless of the size of your organization, modern cloud computing can help you overcome obstacles and meet new opportunities — often quickly and always with an eye on security.

There are full and hybrid cloud computing solutions, but not all are the right choice for your organization. Simply "moving your servers to the cloud" may dissapoint in terms of savings — the best opportunities take some planning to properly segment your services, to get the best value and performance for your organization.

Looking for help with Cloud computing solutions? Give us call, we can help. Ask for your free Cloud Readiness Guide!


  • "Our company is more efficient and has grown as a result of navitend’s work. navitend helped us get to the next level."

    Greg Niccolai / Madison Insurance
  • "I appreciate that they didn’t just build the application. They made it better by bringing ideas to the table that not only made for a better user experience, but also kept the development costs down."

    Andy Lynch / North Star Marketing
  • “Navitend’s expertise helped our firm over the past year to effectively elevate our I.T. game, powering our website into a highly interactive tool. Well done to Frank and his team!”  

    Chuck Steege, CFP®, CEP, President, SFG Wealth Planning Services, Inc.
  • navitend’s approach to customer service is greatly appreciated here.  Ensuring that we are well protected from a technology standpoint provides us with peace of mind to continue our day to day operations and that they are looking out for our company's best interest. 

  • "We've dedicated our lives to growing our retail and ecommerce business and it's a relief to have found a company like navitend who treats our business likes it's their own. navitend's personal approach to project management and problem solving are top-notch."

    Stamatis, Co-owner Twisted Lily, Fragrance Boutique and Apothecary
  • "navitend has been a great IT partner for our company.  Their helpdesk response time is the best I have experienced in my 30 year career.  navitend has helped me to have great IT services without the need to have a full time, in house, technician at significant savings to our company."

    Bob Bradley, President, Bradley Graphics
  • "Thanks so much!  You are a class act!  
    You and your team have really done an excellent job on this!"

    Steve Van Ooteghem, The C12 Group in Houston, Texas
  • "Thanks so much again for taking care of everything in such an expedient manner. It's a pleasure to work with navitend and its staff as always!"

    Lawrence Wolfin / Textol Systems, Inc.
  • "I look forward to working with you again in the future. Once again, thanks to your organization for your prompt response."

    Luke Wolters / Luke Wolters Tax Consultants