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Business phone systems come in three flavors:

Traditional. Hosted. Hybrid.

Traditional phone systems were the systems that introduced voice mail into your office, commonly known as PBX. They typically only work in one location and are limited in the number of phone lines they can support as well as the number of extensions allowed. Many of the traditional phone systems have been "upgraded" to support Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), but they are often the same old designs with a VoIP bolt-on. Voice mail is an "option". On-hold music is an option. 

Hosted phone systems have historically been deployed in small (or branch) offices. These systems work by sending all of your calls over your Internet connection. They are often a great value, though they are super-dependent upon your local internet connection. The hosted phone market is flooded with options and not all are created equally. While historically hosted phone systems have struggled to scale, they are getting better. The difference comes down to flexibility of deployment (including call routing, call forwarding, faxing, etc), support from your partner/reseller, and of course price.

Hybrid platforms (such as Star2Star) have additional equipment installed at your location beyond just "phones/handsets". Not all applications have the needs that a hybrid system such as Star2Star solves, but if you require an advanced phone system, look no further.

Star2Star is a Unified Communications (UC) system built around the strength of their Blended Architecture™. The Star2Star offering uses a service which runs in multiple, redundant data centers across North America. Calls come into these data centers and are routed to your local office where a StarBox hands the calls to your local extensions. Your team can make extension to extension calls anywhere in the world from one Star2Star extension to another -- for free. Calls outside of your organization enjoy shared or pooled minutes. Star2Star is loaded with features:

Want Direct Inbound Dialing? No problem.

Want calls to go to your cell phone seamlessly? No problem.

A hurricane takes out your power and Internet for 12 days and you want your customers to be able to reach you? No problem.

Want unlimited conference bridging with your own phone number and not have to use a low-rent or premium conferencing service? No problem.

Want call integration with your software applications? No problem.

Want to see who else is on the phone? No problem.

Want to receive your voice mails as an email attachment? No problem.

Want call-center features at a fantastic price? No problem.

Want your iPhone to be another extension on your phone system? No problem.

Want to use your laptop as a phone while you're working from home or from the road? No problem.

Never want someone to get a busy signal -- dialing in or dialing out? No problem.

Want a choice in what kinds of phones you can use? No problem.

Want to NOT have to run extra cables to each desk to support your new phone system? No problem.


Star2Star is not going to compete with the two line hosted system you get from your cable company, but if you want a fantastic phone system that will scale with your company's needs, give you great features and flexibility -- there is no better value on the market, period.

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Optimal Call Path Routing

Since Star2Star phone calls are Internet-based, the on premise StarBox manages Internet traffic to guarantee clear calls. The StarBox technology finds Internet routes of the best quality and shortest length, automatically sending calls along those paths.


Star2Star receives awards year after year in recognition of their commitment to excellence in Unified Communications:

Internet Telephony Product of the Year (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014)

Named to Inc. 500 List (2011, 2012, 2013)

Top 20 of the Top 100 Coolest Cloud Vendors (2014)

Unified Communications Excellence Award (2011, 2013)

Named to Gulf Coast 500 List (2012)

Forbes List of America's Most Promising Companies (2011)

Full list of awards

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Minimized Downtime

Star2Star data centers have redundant power, redundant Internet access, proximity to multiple Internet phone carriers, and backed-up server storage. Not only do Star2Star  systems minimize downtime, they have 99.9% uptime.

StarRecovery System 

While other companies struggle to get their phones up and running after a disaster (like a hurricane), Star2Star users do not lose their phone service. Despite the lack of power and internet, StarRecovery retains regular Star2Star features. StarRecovery goes on "autopilot," rerouting calls to pre-arranged cell phones, home phones, landlines, and other company branch phones. 

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Features and Benefits

What does Star2Star offer?

The following are highlights of Star2Star’s communication solutions:

Automatic Monitoring 

When Star2Star detects a problem, it automatically relays the issue to the customer support center that is operational 24 hours a day.

navitend's Customer Service

As a provider, we install, support, and service Star2Star phone systems in addition to training new users. If a problem arises, navitend will be notified so that the issue can be resolved promptly. 

Phone Line Pooling

Large companies with multiple offices no longer need to have several phone lines in each location. Rather, they can purchase “pools” of lines for all locations to share. Even if a specific branch has a higher number of calls than usual, callers will never receive a busy signal.

Line Bursting

If call traffic is higher than normal and all phone lines are in use, Star2Star automatically adds a line for a small fee so businesses can still answer calls.

Cloud-based Storage

Star2Star provides unlimited voicemail by keeping voice prompts, announcements, and voicemails in one of their data centers rather than on the StarBox.


Users can receive voicemails directly in their email so they can access messages even away from the phone.

Find-Me/Follow-Me Call Forwarding

Star2Star’s mobility services offer call forwarding to personal cell phones and home phones.

Soft Phones

Laptop soft phones are available when employees need to work from home. This is extremely valuable, as they can take, make, and transfer calls as if they were in the office.

More Efficient Wiring

Voice traffic can share the same computer network cables used for data traffic.

Unlimited Conference Calls

Conference calls without time limits are available to a maximum of 150 users. 

More than Calls

Video conferencing, chat, and fax are also available in the Star2Star UC platform.

Star2Star Application Framework

This software provides users with access to the following "Starlet" apps:

StarScope (a communication consolidation tool) 
Activities (an overview/record of messages and calls)
StarFax Personal

Highly Scalable Platform

Star2Star works well on any scale, from small one-branch businesses to chain businesses with thousands of locations.

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