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What’s New in Microsoft Teams?

What’s New in Microsoft Teams?

If you are like me, chances are you use MS Teams every day. Approximately 300 million people worldwide utilize Microsoft’s comprehensive communication and collaboration platform at least once a month¹. However, Microsoft recently reimagined Teams from the ground up to enhance performance for business, education, and personal users alike².

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                The new Teams is currently available for Windows and Mac². However, it will launch on the web for Google Chrome and MS Edge users in November 2023². Safari and Firefox users can begin using the new MS Teams for Web in March 2024². In this article, we will highlight key new features in MS Teams and how they can benefit you and your business.

                Notably, the new MS Teams is twice as fast as the classic version you are familiar with³. However, it surprisingly uses less of your computer’s CPU (Central Processing Unit) ³. Since the new Teams is designed with efficiency in mind, it reduces the burden on your device’s memory and disk storage, freeing you up to focus on creating predictably awesome value for everyone in your business². This demonstrates the importance of Microsoft’s new Teams client for your organization.

                Microsoft has also streamlined the communication experience within Teams channels⁴. While new channel posts in Teams appear at the bottom of the “Posts” tab by default, you can select “More channel options… > Sort posts from top” if you prefer to view your recent activity there⁴. Additionally, the new Teams makes it easier to post with more options, reply to existing posts, view recent replies to these posts, and immerse yourself in conversations simply by clicking the link below any channel post you choose⁴. Furthermore, if you wish to focus on a specific conversation away from the main channel, you can easily do so in two ways⁴. You can either navigate to the top of a post and select “More options…,” followed by “Pop Out Conversation,” or you can click on the conversation of your choice and select “Pop out conversation” there to view it in a separate window⁴. Either way, the new MS Teams gives you tools for predictably awesome business communications every day.

                While the overall experience in MS Teams channels is more streamlined than ever, the new MS Teams also lets you search within those specific channels, as well as text-chat conversations³. By using Ctrl + F on Windows PC or Cmd + F on Mac, you can focus on searching within the channel or chat you are in, instead of needlessly perusing the entire Teams app³. With this new function, you can streamline your searches and quickly get back to creating predictably awesome value for your organization³.

                The new Teams also makes managing your contacts a breeze³. You can now manage all your contacts in one place rather than scrambling around the app to find them³. Simply navigate to the left side of the Teams interface, then select “More apps… > People” ³. Now, you can easily add new contacts and better manage your existing ones. This shows the value that Microsoft’s latest version of Teams has for your business.

                Meanwhile, the new MS Teams allows you to receive calls and notifications on multiple devices³. For example, if you prefer to receive calls on a dedicated Teams Phone, you can go into “Settings” and choose the option to receive incoming Teams calls there instead of – or in addition to – on your computer³. You can also opt to receive your incoming calls on mobile devices, such as your smartphone or tablet. In short, the new MS Teams makes it easier to communicate and collaborate on any device, anywhere, whether you are in a client’s office in Cleveland, a hotel lobby in Houston, or an airport lounge in Newark like the one pictured below.

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                Sure, Teams chat is already a predictably awesome tool for communicating with colleagues, but the new Teams lets you start chats with yourself as well³. For instance, you can utilize Teams chat to take notes or set helpful reminders, such as reminding yourself to send a daily summary email to your supervisor at 4:15 PM³. This demonstrates that the new MS Teams is your business’s go-to communication platform.

                While MS Teams already provides you with an effective and efficient platform for business communications, the new Teams has some extra features that reduce distractions so you can work smarter, not harder³. For example, new Teams includes a noise suppression tool, letting you eliminate any sounds you do not want your microphone to pick up³. For instance, you can block the sound of your children, pets, household appliances, or the neighbor’s leaf blower while working from home³. Meanwhile, you can also use this feature to block out chattering customers at your local coffee shop, or locomotive horns and PA system announcements at a train station if you are using Teams there. By eliminating annoying background noise, you can better focus on predictably awesome communication with your colleagues, anytime and anywhere.

                The new MS Teams also helps you reduce distractions by muting non-priority notifications³. When you set your status in Teams to “Do Not Disturb,” the app automatically mutes your non-priority notifications so you can better focus on the task at hand³. in summary, the newest version of MS Teams reduces unnecessary distractions so you can work smarter, not harder – on any device, anywhere and anytime you need.

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