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What’s in a Name: The Importance of Domain Name Registrars

What’s in a Name: The Importance of Domain Name Registrars

Whether you run an antiques shop, a bakery, or a clothing boutique, chances are the internet is an integral part of your business operations. According to Washington, DC’s Top Design Firms, 71 percent of all small businesses have their own website¹. If your business does not have a website, you will easily miss opportunities to make impressions on prospective customers and connect with your current ones¹. While you can easily use online tools like Wix or Squarespace to build your website, you cannot do so without a domain name¹. 

Fortunately, that is where domain name registrars, or DNS (Domain Name Service) providers, come into play. While there are several DNS providers in the marketplace, including GoDaddy, Google Domains, and Namecheap, they all share the same purpose². These companies not only manage domain name registration and administration, but they also provide customer support, along with services such as registering new domain names and facilitating transfers of existing ones³. In this article, we will learn more about how domain name registrars work and how they can help you register the right domain name for your company’s website. 

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Once you have decided to create a website for your business, you must select a domain name for your site. Suppose you run a pizzeria along Route 206 in Byram, New Jersey. When you want to buy a domain name, such as, the domain registrar will provide you with information about the domain name, such as the name server that will be hosting your domain, plus the name server’s name and address³. The DNS provider will also give you a login and password so you can access the name server as you see fit³. This shows that domain name registrars play a pivotal role in establishing your company’s online presence. 

What’s in a name, you might ask? The answer is everything, as you must select a domain name that is not only catchy and easy to remember, but more importantly, aligned with your brand and business name². Thankfully, DNS providers can help you identify domain names available for your company’s website². Chances are you will find a domain name exactly matching your company’s name, only to realize that it costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars². In this case, registrars can help you find similar, more affordable domains, as well as identical ones ending in “.biz” or “.net” instead of “.com” ². Returning to the pizzeria example, if you cannot find, the DNS provider might substitute or jerseyjoespizza.net². Any way you slice it, domain name registrars help you select the right domain name so you can build a predictably awesome business website. 

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While domain name registrars play a pivotal role in helping you select a domain name for your business’s website, choosing the right DNS provider is equally crucial. You may be tempted to select the cheapest option, but keep in mind that some low-cost domain registrars may not have the privacy protections you and your business need². In this instance, you may want to consider using the same company for both your domain name registration and website hosting². 

You may also be able to sign up for web hosting services like HostGator which also offer domain registration². However, you must read the fine print in these situations as the domain name registration may only be included for a year or two before you need to pay additional fees². If your web hosting company does not give you the option of registering a domain name, you must purchase and register your domain name with one company (such as GoDaddy or Google Domains) and host your website with another².  

After you have selected a domain name and DNS provider, you must then purchase and register your chosen domain name. Even though you can register your domain name for free, you may be uncomfortable sharing your personal information with public ICANN registry². In this case, your DNS provider will give you the option to provide ICANN with the necessary information while also protecting your privacy². For this reason, you may prefer using a private registrar to purchase and register your domain name². While this privacy protection may cost a bit more, it is well worth the additional fee². Also, once you have selected your domain name, you can purchase it for a nominal fee, usually $10-15 annually². Chances are you will pay this fee every year, but some DNS providers offer multi-year terms if you prefer that approach². However, if you find yourself dissatisfied with your DNS provider’s services, you can opt for a shorter-duration contract with automatic renewal². Nevertheless, you must pay attention to the details around your registration’s duration before registering your domain name². 

Now that you have chosen your domain name and registrar and are officially registered for the domain of your choice, you can start building your company’s website². While creating the perfect website involves many factors, from aesthetics to social media integrations and online purchasing capabilities, DNS providers play a pivotal role in ensuring you can enjoy predictably awesome web experiences and build longstanding relationships with both new and existing customers. 

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