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What about Cybersecurity Trends?

What about Cybersecurity Trends?

Trends come and trends go

Bell bottoms, neon colors…kale…trends come, and trends go, and generally, we’re not one to care much about what’s in style, but cybersecurity trends?  That’s one we can get behind and think that there can never be enough of!

So, what can you expect to see as both a consumer, employee, employer, business owner or just a member of the general public who has a computer? Let’s take a look at what we are seeing.  

Home is where the heart is

And it is where the school is, and the office, and unfortunately it is where the likelihood of an attack or breach happens as well.  That means that you need to ready your home and prepare to not only protect but also respond in the event of your network or smart devices being compromised.  Ensure that as a worker or student, you are well protected and working with your IT support staff to have all security measures in place. 

As an IT provider, we too must do the same for ourselves and for our clients that we support.  It’s not always easy for everyone since many are still playing catch up to the unexpected transition from last year to work from home scenarios, but being proactive is the utmost importance as we all move forward with working from home as the structure for the foreseeable future.

Inside Job

There is a horrible phenomenon that is growing in popularity known as insider-threat-as-a-service.  Yes, you can buy a disgruntled employee to sabotage a business and compromise data integrity by stealing information or breaking the business from inside.  While this has been around for longer than 2021, with the hiring process for remote employees being done via video or other long-distance methods, it isn’t always easy to gather and gain the trust you might have had from years of sharing office space.

Fake ID

Stolen credentials can be used for more than obtaining a credit card.  Yes, you can build up an identity and establish credit, but you can take it a step further and build up a history that doesn’t exist in reality to the person it is being created for.  This is a step up from the insider job that can happen, but you do need to be aware of who you are hiring and providing your confidential information to.

Bigger Phish

With humans being the biggest risk to cybersecurity and working from home being the norm, you can expect a rise in attacks.  Why?  Because humans are the easiest point of entry for any hacker, and unmonitored humans are even easier to trick.  So phishing scams will be even more popular when it comes to attack attempts. 

You can mitigate your risks by using a training program like the one we offer at navitend 

Our Traditional phishing education program measures the rate at which employees fail to identify simulated phishing emails, often relying heavily on their ability to retain training they watched months ago.  Because employees are the #1 cause of data breaches, our program is designed to test and reward the employees for their actions that you want them to take.

The bottom line with any trend is that it will increase and decrease in popularity over time, but the one trend that isn’t going anywhere is the threat of data breaches.  While the outfit or the outward appearance may change, it is always worn on in an attempt to disguise the true identity.   

navitend is offering FREE cybersecurity training for your remote workforce! Your employees will learn about common tricks used by cybercriminals, ways to prevent them from being successful, and how to proactively protect your organization!

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