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Thinking of Outsourcing IT Services?

Thinking of Outsourcing IT Services?

Thinking of Outsourcing IT Service?

IT outsourcing has become increasingly popular among businesses both large and small. Whether a company has outsourced its entire IT department or relies on an IT business for technical support, there are several benefits that can come from turning to an outside company for your IT needs. However, there are also important considerations to take into account before hiring an outside IT resource.


What is IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is a common tool used by many modern businesses to help them implement some or all of their IT needs. By outsourcing your information technology tasks, you are hiring third-party contractors or companies to perform the IT work as opposed to having the IT tasks done in-office. The most commonly outsourced IT services include:

Network Infrastructure

Vendor Management

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) and Backup Verification/Monitoring

Project Planning

Cyber Security Including Firewall, Network and Web Protection

Employee Security Training

Encryption and Compliance Reporting

Email Security

Password Management

Server Installations, Upgrades & Migrations

Help Desk Support Including Application Management/Support

Cloud Migration Planning & Consulting

Web Design and Development

Software Development

Hosted PBX & VoIP Phone System Services

Web Hosting


Most information technology companies will oversee the design, build and function of the IT tasks that you have outsourced. This ensures that all of your IT needs are met and that little is required on your end to manage the IT tasks. However, before deciding to outsource, there are several things to consider and planning to be done on your part.

Some factors to consider before deciding to outsource some or all of your company’s IT needs to another company or third-party contractor:


Your company’s safety and security

Before hiring an outside contractor or company to provide IT services, you should first determine how much information you are comfortable providing to the IT resource. Many IT services require that you provide sensitive information pertaining to your business’s security and data, so you should also get a clear idea of how the IT resource will protect your information. You should get this in writing and regularly make sure that the IT support company is upholding its promise.


Your company’s operational control

When you outsource some or all of your IT tasks, you may find that you lose a portion or much of the operational control your company has over certain business functions. For example, if you hire an IT company to provide customer telecommunication services, you may feel as if you have little to no say over how the outsourced team is speaking to your clients. Before outsourcing, it’s important to communicate with the IT company how much control and governance you want to maintain regarding the operations.  It is important that you make this clear with the company or contractor you hire. This ensures that your expectations, as well as the responsibilities and roles that you expect from the IT resource, are understood.


Benefits of IT service outsourcing

Lowered costs: When outsourcing IT tasks to companies or contractors allows you to cut costs in relation to your company’s information technology needs and requirements. For example, having an IT team in-house can be costly, whereas outsourcing your IT tasks can reduce costs in relation to salary, employee equipment, benefits and more.


Increased in-house productivity: When your employees do not have to worry about certain IT tasks that they may have little to no experience with, they are free to focus solely on their day-to-day job duties and core business functions. This can result in increased employee productivity as well as reduced stress associated with having to perform IT tasks.


IT expertise: Most IT contractors and companies have expertise in several IT areas as well as have special equipment or technology that allows them to be more productive and provide a higher level of services. This means that outsourcing your IT tasks can often result in an increased quality of task completion compared to if you were to have in-house staff complete the tasks.


navitend is an outsourced IT option for organizations between 15 and 500 users who are lookin for a trusted business partner.  We have clients across the US with the majority of our clients in the NJ, NY, and Philadelphia areas.

When it comes to managed IT services, navitend provides proactive solutions, fast responses, and expert support. 

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