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The Value of Encryption

The Value of Encryption

Let's talk encryption

Encryption is the process of taking data and scrambling it up into an unreadable format.

The scrambled data can only be deciphered by the intended recipient who has the decryption key.


Encryption is primarily used for two purposes

1. Protecting data at rest on a device

2. Protecting information being sent through the internet


Sensitive data you work with daily should not end up in the wrong hands

Encryption will help protect this information and can save you and your organization from a potentially devasting breach.

Encryption is strongly recommended for portable devices that store or access sensitive information such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and USB drives.

Devices like these are prime targets for theft, and a password alone will not be enough to protect the information from a criminal.

If you use and are responsible for any of these devices for work purposes, they should be encrypted.

A device that is properly encrypted, even if handed directly to a cybercriminal, would be impenetrable.


The encryption process is not something you should enable on your own

Your IT Department may have already encrypted your devices, but if you are not sure, talk with them to see what can be done.

Any emails or messages you send containing sensitive information should be encrypted as well.

An encrypted email will be concealed and protected as it travels through cyberspace to its recipient.

Without encryption, there is a chance the message could be intercepted and read.

You may have email encryption available already.  If so, make sure you know how and when to properly send an encrypted message.  If not, talk with your IT Department who will be able to help get you set up with an email encryption tool.


Encryption is a crucial piece in combatting breaches and exposure of information

Talk with your IT Department if you have any questions about encryption on your work devices. Also, think about encryption for your personal devices as well, as you would not want your information ending up in the wrong hands either.

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