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Keeping Your Healthcare Data Safe with Cloud-Based EMR Systems

Keeping Your Healthcare Data Safe with Cloud-Based EMR Systems

If you work in healthcare, or even just visit your doctor’s office for yearly checkups, data plays a pivotal role in your experience. Indeed, data is paramount in healthcare, so much so that timely access to patients’ data – or lack thereof – can spell the difference between life and death. Although many healthcare providers store their records electronically on in-house servers, this approach can be problematic¹. For example, server-based systems are more prone to data loss from corruption, hard drive failure, or natural disasters¹. The consequences of such data losses can be dire. Last year, the average healthcare data breach cost a staggering $9.42 million². Now, you may ask, “How can I keep patients’ medical data secure 24/7?” 

Here we introduce cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) systems. In addition to storing each patient’s medical history and health information such as diagnoses, allergies, medications, and vaccinations, cloud-based EMR software lets you track demographics and store your patients’ records online³. In this article, we will learn more about cloud-based EMR systems and the benefits they offer for your healthcare organization. 

One major benefit of cloud-based EMR systems is that they let you access patient data from anywhere with an Internet connection³, whether you are in Byram, Burlington, or Baton Rouge. Unlike traditional paper records or server-based electronic systems, cloud-based EMRs let you see and retrieve files without physically entering the office⁴. This is especially helpful if you are an on-call physician and cannot make frequent office visits, or your role involves traveling between facilities in your healthcare network³. Either way, cloud-based EMR software makes accessing your patients’ records a breeze. 

Another advantage of implementing a cloud-based EMR system is that it saves you money. If you install a traditional on-premises EMR, you must consider not only the cost of the system itself, but also the accompanying maintenance costs and licensing fees³. That is not the case with cloud-based EMR software. By partnering with a software company that will store and maintain your data on off-premises servers, you will be able to cut your IT (Information Technology) costs⁴. You will only need to pay a small subscription fee, leaving more money for what truly matters: providing your patients the quality care they need³. 

While remote access and reduced costs are both significant benefits, cloud-based EMRs also offer you enhanced security. Old-fashioned paper records can easily be lost or misplaced³, while files stored in on-premises servers are prone to data breaches and natural disasters⁵. However, when you migrate your patients’ health records to cloud-based EMRs, you will benefit from having your patients’ records regularly backed up and stored in a secure location⁵. Even if a catastrophe strikes, your data will be completely safe and ready for you to access from Internet-enabled devices⁵. Cloud-based EMRs are the secure way to store your patients’ files. 

Another benefit of cloud-based EMR systems is that they help your organization comply with relevant rules and regulations. Cloud-based EMR software is designed to comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) standards, and “HITRUST certified for protected data portability” as well⁵. This shows the growing importance of moving your patients’ existing electronic records to the cloud. 

It is no secret that cloud-based software solutions are surging in popularity. According to a recent study cited by, the global market for cloud-based healthcare solutions is projected to grow by an astonishing $25.54 billion (about $79 per person in the US) from 2020 to 2024⁵. If you are still skeptical about migrating your server-based EMR files to the cloud, let us remind you that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Consider Seattle Children’s Hospital, for example. In October 2020, the Washington State-based healthcare provider implemented a comprehensive, integrated cloud-based EMR system encompassing 46 sites in four states⁶. 

By switching from server-based to cloud-based EMR technology, Seattle Children’s saw its uptime increase to well over 99.995%, ensuring smoother and more seamless operations⁶. Additionally, the hospital saw improvements in login times and performance, as well as overall user experience, with the new system⁶. Furthermore, Seattle Children’s benefits from advanced disaster recovery capabilities, allowing for easier data access when calamity strikes⁶. This demonstrates that whether you run a single, specialized practice or a multi-state healthcare network, implementing cloud-based EMR software is the way to go. 

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