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Creating a Powerful Business Website with MS Power Pages

Creating a Powerful Business Website with MS Power Pages

Whether you run an antiques shop, a hair salon, or a neighborhood café, chances are you have a presence on the World Wide Web. Seventy-one percent of all small businesses have their own websites¹. However, starting a website for your business can be a costly endeavor, averaging between $2,000 and $10,000¹. If you must insert line after line of code to do so, it can also be time-consuming. You therefore need a solution that streamlines your website creation process. 

Enter MS Power Pages. Microsoft's secure, enterprise-grade SaaS (software as a service) platform lets you create, host, and administer modern and predictably awesome business websites - like the one pictured below - using little or any code². Whether you are a small business owner or a professional web developer, Power Pages can help you design, configure, and publish websites that work seamlessly across browsers and devices worldwide². In this article, we will explore the benefits of creating a powerful business website with MS Power Pages. 

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One major benefit of MS Power Pages is its simplicity³. You can select a website template tailored to your industry, such as financial services, or use the default template to create your site³. Start by visiting the Power Pages homepage⁴. Once you arrive there, select the Dataverse environment wherein you wish to create your site⁴. Keep in mind, though, that you should create a site in the default environment⁴. If you choose to do so, you run a greater risk of sharing data with unintended users⁴. Next, select “+ Create a site” on the homepage. Then, review the available templates⁴. If you wish to see more details about each template, hover your cursor over the template and select ”Preview template”⁴. You can then select different views to preview your desired template experience⁴. Make sure your chosen template aligns with your site's intended purpose⁴. If you cannot find an industry-specific template meeting your needs, choose a design template with cross-industry solutions or click “Blank page” to start creating one from scratch⁴.  

After selecting the template you wish to use, click “Choose this template” ⁴. Next, validate the name and web address Microsoft has provided you (such as and select “Done” ⁴. Finally, after you finish creating your site, you can begin editing or previewing it⁴. This demonstrates that with Power Pages, designing the perfect business website is a breeze. 

Another advantage of MS Power Pages is that it offers an enhanced design studio where you can craft your business website without even a line of code³. Microsoft provides four distinct workspaces for Power Pages users³. With the Pages workspace, you can create, design, and arrange your website to meet specific needs³. Meanwhile, in the Styling workspace, you can apply a variety of eye-catching styles and themes to your website³. In the Data workspace, you can create and modify MS Dataverse tables for your data-driven web applications³. Finally, the Setup workspace lets you administer and manage your site more easily than ever before³. In short, MS Power Pages gives you all the tools you need to create predictably awesome business websites, no coding or programming experience necessary. 

Still another benefit of MS Power Pages is its enhanced security³. For instance, since it is built on the Azure App Service platform, Power Pages meets stringent security standards outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (IOS), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), and System and Organizational Controls (SOC), among other regulatory authorities³. Power Pages also features built-in protection against harmful DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks³. You can also benefit from dynamic IP (Internet Protocol) restriction, which keeps malicious actors at bay so you can address security vulnerabilities and focus on creating predictably awesome web experiences for customers, prospects, and employees alike³. In summary, Power Pages not only helps you create business websites, but also protect them from hackers and other malicious actors lurking throughout the dark web. 

MS Power Pages is also affordable. You can select one of two subscription plans⁵. For only $75 per 500 site visitors every month, you can allow users to browse your business’s low-code website anonymously⁵. If you wish to provide them with authenticated access, however, simply pay $200 per 100 site visitors per month for the authenticated access plan⁵. Both plans come with Dataverse storage and built-in content delivery network support, so your users can access all your website has to offer⁵. You can also choose from pay-as-you-go plans, starting at just $0.30 per user per site per month for anonymous site visitors, or $4 per authenticated site visitor each month⁵. Either way, you can pay for Power Pages and all its features - including Dataverse storage and built-in content delivery network support - with your existing Azure subscription⁵. This demonstrates that Power Pages is the low-cost, low-code web design platform for your business. 

Finally, you can easily integrate Power Pages with Microsoft's other Power Platform components³. For example, in the MS Dataverse, you can securely store and manage the data you utilize in business applications and Power Pages sites³. Additionally, with Power Apps, you can easily create low-to-no-code custom mobile and web apps to collect data and streamline your core business processes³. Meanwhile, you can harness Power Automate to incorporate automated workflows, cloud flows, and plugins into your Power Pages websites³. Furthermore, integrating Power BI (Business Intelligence) within Power Pages gives you the power to access key business insights through interactive dashboards, reports, and tiles³. Finally, Power Virtual Agents lets you create and publish AI-driven chatbot experiences so you can add them to your website and communicate with customers³. Any way you slice it, Power Pages offers the integrations you need to create an engaging and predictably awesome business website. 

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