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Benefits of Moving Your Business Printing to the Cloud with Printix

Benefits of Moving Your Business Printing to the Cloud with Printix

If you use a computer for work, chances are you print tens or hundreds of documents every day. The average employee prints an average of 10,000 pages each year, equivalent to $725 in printing costs¹. Additionally, while your printing needs may vary based on your business’s size and the number of print jobs your employees complete, you should have at least one printer for every 4.4 employees². For example, if your company has 44 employees, you need ten printers. However, does it matter how many printers your business has if your employees cannot access them? Of course not. Chances are you have been forced to work from home at some point during the past two-plus years due to current events, or when inclement weather makes accessing your in-office printers impossible. You therefore need a solution to manage all your print jobs both on-premises and remotely. 

Fortunately, cloud-based printing is here to help. Printix is a company offering modern cloud-managed printing so you can easily print from any device, such as a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, to any printer³. No matter whether you are working from home, visiting a client’s office, or on the road, Printix lets you print anytime and anywhere you need to. In this article, we will explore the benefits of moving your business printing to the cloud with Printix. 

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One advantage of moving your printing to the cloud with Printix is that it saves you money. Switching to Printix’s cloud-based subscription lowers operating costs and saves you capital expenditures otherwise spent on purchasing costly print servers⁴. With Printix for Business, you can select either an annual or monthly billing plan, with monthly billing at only $1.99 per user each month⁵. If you choose annual billing, however, you will save even more based on how many employees you have⁵. For example, if your business has one to 50 employees, you will pay $1.49/user per month⁵. Meanwhile, if you have 51 to 100 employees, you will pay $1.38/user per month⁵. Finally, if you have 101 to 250 employees, you will pay only $1.28 per user each month, giving your organization an incomparable value for every print job⁵. Printix also helps you cut your costly energy bills, as this cloud-based printing platform saves you electricity otherwise wasted running your office’s expensive and often-underutilized print servers⁴. In short, Printix saves you money so you can focus on providing predictably awesome experiences for employees and customers alike. 

Another benefit of Printix cloud printing is that it reduces the burden on your IT personnel⁴. Since Printix manages your entire print infrastructure for you, everyone on your IT team can spend more time focusing on strategic activities⁴. Additionally, if you are an administrator, you can use Printix’s centralized platform to edit printer profiles, implement organizational print policies, update printer drivers, and assign printers to specific users within your business⁴. This shows that using Printix cloud-based printing helps you streamline your business’s printing processes so you can focus on adding more value to your organization. 

While Printix cloud printing saves you money and reduces the burden on your IT staff, it also provides ample flexibility and security⁴. Suppose that while traveling for business with only your smartphone in hand, you realize you must print a 50-page proposal to give your client. Thankfully, Printix’s mobile printing capabilities easily let you print from any Android or iOS-enabled mobile device to any Printix-managed printer⁶. You can also benefit from seamlessly integrating Printix with your existing MS Azure Active Directory⁴. Once you do so, you can log in securely with Microsoft’s single sign-on (SSO) and easily deploy Printix across your network printers with MS Endpoint Manager⁴. In short, Printix gives you the flexibility you need to print from anywhere on any device, plus added features like secure SSO for greater convenience and peace of mind. 

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Still another benefit of cloud-based printing with Printix is that it offers you advanced analytical insights about your company’s print use⁴. By integrating Printix with your business’s Microsoft Azure AD as we mentioned earlier, you can utilize Microsoft Power BI to access a variety of print-related insights⁴. For example, using the Printix Power BI template, you can analyze your printers’ performance, as well as how much paper and ink or toner each one uses per print job⁷. Printix’s Power BI template also gives you valuable insights into your company’s printer use by location, the number of print jobs and pages your employees have performed, and much more⁷. In short, Printix provides you with the in-depth analysis you need to make informed business printing decisions every day. 

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